Summer Reading!

Here are three new titles and a vintage copy of  # 3 of the classic Foxfire series to round out your summer reading lists.

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Langdon Olgar, Issue 2

We’re totally thrilled to have Issue 2 of Langdon Olgar, the print project by London chapter of the feminist, anti- street harassment activist group Hollaback.  

Issue 2, riesographed by Ditto, contains writing and works in print from writers and artists across the gender spectrum ranging from celebrations of Lizzie Bordon’s feminist sci fi classic Born in Flames, razor sharp satires of Vice Magazine’s misogynist-cool, beautiful photomontages, to practical advice and general awesomeness.


The Thing Issue 19, David Shrigley

For Issue 19 of The Thing Quarterly, Glaswegian artist and 2013 Turner Prize nominee David Shrigley has collaborated with designer Matt Singer to create The Travel Issue, a leather passport sized portfolio containing an illustrated 24 page booklet on travel and a series of 4 double sided phrase cards bearing Shrigley’s signature flat, absurdist, concrete poetry.


Foxfire 3, Animal Care, Banjos and Dulcimers, Hide Tanning, Summer and Fall Wild Plant Foods, Butter Churns, Ginseng, and Still More Affairs of Plain Living 

The entire Foxfire project has been a favorite of Owl Cave Books since our very beginnings and we have included their exceptional books in many of our reading lists and reviews in the past.

Foxfire Magazine (named after a vernacular term for a type of glowing fungus that occurs in the forests of North Georgia) started in 1966 when Elliot Wiggington and his students conducted a series of first person interviews with local elders about the impact of technology on traditional lifestyles.

Foxfire has since grown into a series of books and a literary organization and funding body dedicated to documenting a huge range of traditional practices and beliefs, including Appalachian folk magic, old-time burial customs, corn shucking, soapmaking, wild food gathering, wood carving, squaredancing, rifelmaking, fiddle making, banjos, witches, moonshining, beekeeping and hunting tales.

If you miss out on this particular copy, make sure to check back again as we’ll do everything we can to make sure we keep these in stock!


Various Small Books, Edited by Jeff Brouws Wendy Burton and Hermann Zschienger

In the late 1960s and early 1970s Ed Ruscha made a series of small books documenting the Los Angeles landscape of gas stations, parking lots, palm trees, swimming pools, and the Sunset Strip. Various Small Books is a both an affectionate tribute to the enduring influence of Ruscha’s ‘small books’ projects and a critical survey of over 100 artists books revisiting, parodying or paying homage their deadpan, minimalist wit.


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