Noise and Capitalism

Noise and Capitalism, explores noise and improvisation in music, improvisation as a social activity, alienated language as noise, the conditions of the production of noise and its emancipatory possibilities.

'Noise’ not only designates the no-man’s-land between electro-acoustic investigation, free improvisation, avant-garde experiment, and sound art; more interestingly, it refers to anomalous zones of interference between genres: between post-punk and free jazz; between musique concrète and folk; between stochastic composition and art brut. – Ray Brassier 

Contributions from Ray Brassier, Emma Hedditch, Matthew Hyland, Anthony Iles, Sara Kaaman, Mattin, Nina Power, Edwin Prevost, Bruce Russell, Matthieu Saladin, Howard Slater, Csaba Toth, Ben Watson.
Edited by Mattin & Anthony Iles

The book is available as a free PDF file from the Arteleku Audiolab website, and will be published in Spanish and Basque in 2010.