The Marvellous Aphorisms of Gavin Bryars

The Marvellous Aphorisms of Gavin Bryars: The Early Years, Gavin Bryars

2007 Mode Records, New, Sealed

4 Recordings from 1970 and 1971, a period in which Bryars merges the influences of Fluxus and John Cage with free improvisation.
Includes a guitar piece written for Derek Bailey, to be played on two guitars simultaneously.

The 1971 track 1,2, 1-2-3-4 is the result of seven musicians responding to songs by The Beatles played simultaneously on separate cassette decks,through individual pairs of headphones.
Instead playing with the other musicians in they room they play along to the music playing through the headphones, and their interpolations of the songs phase and drift in and out of sync.

With liner notes by Christopher Fox and Gavin Bryers.

1.The Squirrel and the Rickety-Rackety Bridge,(1971) 10:48
for 2 guitars(1 player)
Seth Josel: electric guitars

2.Pre-Mediaeval Metrics, (1970) 15:16
Ulrich Krieger: soprano, tenor& controbass saxophones, tom tom
Seth Josel: electric guitar, 12 string guitar, electric bass

3. Made in Hong Kong,(1970) 10:32
Ulrich Krieger: diverse toys.

4. 1,2,1-2-3-4(1971) 32:49
Interpolating music by The Beatles: Help; Helter Skelter; Glass Onion;Fixing a Hole;I Want You; A Day in a Life; Sexy Sadie;Good Night.

Ulrich Krieger: tenor saxophone, recorder, tamborine, maracas
Seth Josel: electric guitar, acoustic & 12 string guitars
Eric Friedmann: electric guitar
Yayoi Ikawa:piano
John Davis:electric bass
Kenny Growhowski: drums