Signed Copy Of 'The Brotherhood Of Eternal Love'

Tendler and May weave their research about disparate chemists, idealists, gangsters and international business men into a fascinatingly detailed story of the origins of the clandestine LSD trade.

The title of this book comes from the name of a group of early LSD smugglers.
The Brotherhood was a biker gang turned into a cult, that used acid as their sacrament.

They went from first dropping acid, after snatching it at gun point from a movie producer, to throwing garbage bags of free doses over crowds in LA rock clubs, to finally buying their own island with drug money, with the intent to create a better society based on LSD and Eternal Love.

Stranger than Fiction.

The Brotherhood Of Eternal Love (signed by both authors)
Stewart Tendler & David May
Paperback, 270 pages
Cyan Books, 2007

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